Our Story

     I want to take a moment and tell you  our story and a bit about Uncle Charlie and Curly.  It all started with a dream to race in the Baja 1000, S.C.O.R.E., series, my daughters dream.  Well, the competitive family that we are, we put that dream in motion.  We have been Desert Racing for the past two years now.  Thus we were challenged to balance life: to meet this challenge and to fulfill this passion for racing, to continue to build a foundation for success that was established in the first race in the Barstow Desert. From this dream we have started a family business: UCKC Products.  Which consists of Uncle Charlie's kettle Corn & Curly's Pride Labels...All with the intent to fulfill our Dream....Thus, we come to Uncle Charlie's Kettle Corn.  Uncle Charlie is a Las Vegas original.  He also was strong, independent and determined.  He lived most of his teenage years on the Spring Mountain Ranch.  Which his father "Curly" operated for Chet Lauck of the "Lum & Abner" comedy radio show of the 1930's.  He lived a very colorful life on the ranch and hung out with Hollywood's elite.  He learned how to drive from a Paiute Indian named Buster, who also lived on the ranch.  He knew Vera Krump and even worked for Howard Hughes.  Now we come to Curly's Pride, on the same ranch in Las Vegas, also lived Charles Plumlee, "Curly" known by all, who was my grandfather.  He operated the ranch.  He was manager, ranch hand and cook. During the late 1940's and early 1950's the Spring Mountain Ranch was a working cattle ranch owned by Chet Lauck, of the radio talk show "Lum & Abner". This was a haven for Hollywood's most prestige. Curly would fix his famous Buttermilk pancakes for all who would visit the ranch.  Before coming to the Ranch "Curly" owned a very successful restaurant where he served his famous buttermilk pancakes and came up with his Prime Rib Rub and many more great recipes still to come!

    Thus we have blended our family history, the old that is "Uncle Charlie", and the oldest that is "Curly" and their zest for life, with the "New" and the passion to meet the challenges of life by creating "Uncle Charlie's Kettle Corn & "Curly's Pride".  With the perseverance and efforts of the entire family "Uncle Charlie's Kettle Corn and "Curly's Pride", continues to GROW!   
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